June 2023



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Of note this month is the full moon at 13°17" Sagittarius Saturday June 3 and the new moon at 26°42" Gemini Saturday June 17. The transit south node at 2°00" of Scorpio Friday June 23 will be exactly crossing the degree of the partial solar eclipse of October 25 2022 in Scorpio. Pluto will be in retrograde moving through 0°Aquarius and 29°Capricorn all month while Mars and Venus transit through Leo for June 2023.

This month presents inner and outer cathartic events of upheaval in the element of fire due to the movement of Mars in Leo that will provoke and trigger the sensitivities and emotions of people. With Scorpio being a fixed water sign, it is clear that something unseen or hidden arises from the depths of feeling or something is brought to a fixed stop with some sort of emotional impact occurring due to the change.

In having the lunar eclipse of fated endings at 14°58" of Scorpio from May 5 still in effect, those with key planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter or Neptune in Scorpio or having activated midpoints and nodes in Scorpio that were within 5 degrees of the eclipse will be primed for another divine timing from the catalysis of that event which will bring up potential benefic changes if the divine timing has been accepted or instead fixed course corrections of a Plutonic effect due to the square to Pluto. As these changes could have been long awaited for there may be a mental sense of relief; however if there has been something occurring that was held back in place from denial or attempts to create “energy distractions” to block out the change, it is possible that the Aquarian Plutonic effect could shift in other unexpected parties leading with unexpected judgements to effect in the change that was originally scheduled.

The outcome of the change here is fixed. With Jupiter in Taurus, this is all part of a shift in grounding in the type of abundance you require at your particular stage of life to truly serve you. This could result in becoming fired up – positively fired up if the change is seen as immediately benefic or expected but concerned if the completion requires introspection, separation, a dark night of the soul, or the need to get very real with one’s previous choices from another frame of mind in order to address the divine timing of a change that cannot be denied or avoided. The return of the south node to the degree of the eclipse will confirm the hidden nature of the change in a personal way that will bring out all the feels. Due to the nodal square to Pluto in Aquarius, these fixed events of completion will shift thoughts to fixate on what happens now/what happens next in the months to come for 2023. In whatever way the change potentials are experienced, the thing to remember here is when one door closes another door opens and to be the energetic shift you wish to see in this world.

Some colorful scenarios on the energies at play from the influence of these astrological alignments:

1. Love Triangle: Emma, fresh out of graduate school, finds herself drawn to a co-worker while still in a relationship. The new connection is exciting, but also brings guilt and confusion. She's torn between the comfort of her current relationship and the thrill of this new potential romance, which may require a painful separation from her current partner. She is worried her partner will find out somehow and is very determined to keep her secret until she is sure of what to do. She is not sure how it will play out or if she can let go of her situationship.

2. Layoffs and New Beginnings: David, in his early 30s, is laid off from his long-time job in mid-management. Initially, the change feels like a crisis. But after introspection and accepting that he is allowed to collect unemployment insurance without feeling ashamed of a career setback, he starts to see it as an opportunity to pursue his true passion: starting his own esports social media channel. The transition period is challenging, but also brings newfound enthusiasm, energy and a sense of bravery.

3. Midlife Shift: Patricia, a mother in her 40s, finds herself reassessing her career in real estate and honed business relationships. She's been successful in her job in the past, but her line of commission based work has been challenged by the economic climate from increasing interest rates – something completely out of her control. She's also questioning her partner, sensing that they've grown apart. It's a difficult time of introspection, but it brings the potential for renewal and transformation in figuring out how exactly to do things in a new way and creatively manage a financial crisis.

4. Balancing Act: Michael, in his 50s, is enjoying a new love relationship. However, he's also dealing with mental and financial instability from a recent costly crypto investment gone wrong. It's a complex emotional time, balancing the joys of new love with financial stress and uncertainty. Michael finds himself in a struggle to address his fear of things failing again while trying to stay optimistic with the new potentials unfolding for his life direction.

5. Retirement Readjustment: Sandra, recently retired from technology, finds herself struggling with the transition. She's excited to have more time for herself, but also misses her professional identity and colleagues. It's a time of significant change and introspection, which can be both challenging, liberating and lonely. She is trying to decide what new experiences she can bring into her life that will support her mental health in her current stage of life.

6. Parenthood in Flux: James, a co-parenting father in his late 30s, struggles with adjusting to his teen children's independence. He feels both proud and a bit lost, navigating the change from active parenting to a more hands-off approach that creates unexpected odds/disagreements with the other co-parent. He is finding his time and attention has to be routed in a new way to manage this.

7. Money Matters: Lucy, in her mid-30s, recently landed her first big role. She's exhilarated by the newfound career but also feels overwhelmed by the responsibility of having to create a career, manage her own money and hone her brand. She misses her declining downtime and fun partying with friends as she now has to work some weekends. Enjoying the abundance of her partner being able to wine and dine her in posh outings around town has her feeling to push for an engagement soon with her financially better off partner or making him become a baby daddy unexpectedly as a potential way out. She is aware of friends of friends who have done this successfully. Ensuring her partner will take care of her ultimately so she can enjoy non-work activities is what she has on her mind but at the moment fears to fully express to her current romantic interest in her life as she is concerned he may leave her if he saw this hidden part to her. She doesn’t know what to do just yet.

8. Promotion Puzzle: Sophia, a dedicated professional in her late 40s, gets a long-awaited promotion. The role comes with more responsibilities and a larger pay cheque, but also means less time for her personal life with her spouse and children. She's both excited and very apprehensive about this new chapter as her spouse is dependent on her to keep the affairs of their house in order. She realizes there will have to be a conversation around expectations. She is unsure how her partner will respond.

9. Romantic Reconnection: Rogan, in his late 40s, has been seeing a previous ex for some months in an on again off again relationship as he attempted to focus on his personal finances, career, well-being and build something of substance for the next stage of his life. However, a chance encounter leads to a new passion with a financially and emotionally stable grounded person that gives him a perspective of actually being worthy and deserving of this in a relationship without the struggle. Although excited by the new person and the prospect of this love, he's wary about reopening old wounds and repeating past mistakes. He reflects on the growth he’s been able to achieve but is torn between the feeling to go ahead and explore his life goals with the new potential partner bringing him mental comfort and security or attempting to continue with the ex from a place of loyalty, past challenges overcome and the exciting fun he loved which his ex had a talent for bringing. He is also aware that his ex has not considered any of her own active financial strategies to build wealth and has come to depend on him emotionally and financially, deliberately involving him in her family activities to keep him in the loop, whilst hoping for his long term exclusive commitment. He is aware her family would never let him go and be happy for his personal choice if it meant not choosing her. He wonders what to do.

10. The Housing Hurdle: Margaret, in her 60s, struggles to maintain her independent lifestyle due to rising rent costs. The financial stress is concerning, but it also sparks a positive change: a decision to downsize to a new minority neighbourhood and live more minimally, which brings an unexpected sense of liberation but also new people into her experience from a different side of life. She challenges herself not to be afraid.