April 2023



2 min read

What exactly is Jujuu about you may ask? It is just Consciousness. What exactly is Consciousness? It is true Awareness beyond thoughts, beliefs or emotions.

Consciousness is all around you – A Jujuu of life waves emanating from everywhere and nowhere all at once – the invisible denominator to everything experienced. Energy is a compression of Consciousness itself – there are various degrees of energetics in studying Energy. Energy can be understood with frequency and wavelength but the most important thing to understand is that all Energy is Communication. The key here is one needs to be attuned to the wavelengths of the frequencies active in their life and ride those waves (if one chooses) only in a way that truly serves them. It’s all your Energy. Which can seem very scary since, life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. So what can one do?

1.       Find a quiet daily starting point in your personal self practice for attunment.

2.       Listen. This is not done with your ego. Listen.

3.       Use discernment.

4.       Breathe.

5.       Recognize what is truly yours. This one gets hard when there are existing energy feeding/energy stealing patterns from those who want to lay a claim onto you and will not let you go financially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually so that you CAN grow. Note: Chironic synastry could be in effect here. You may be in denial of the Chironic pain of this experience. Maybe you were perceived as their meal ticket or there was an unhealthy parental imbalance in the relationship that you could do nothing about until you were mature enough to be grown. Or maybe you were in a relationship with a person whom you thought you loved only to realize that you were paying all their bills, footing their endless dreams, trying to get them motivated with life only to result in shenanigans that left you with questions and stuck hoping that somehow your investment in them would pay off. Or you got into a situation that turned into a shituation (not a typo). There are endless stories of people engaging on low key spiritual warfare and people receiving that and wrongly believing that that’s just the way life is, stick with the devil you know and give them a taste of their own medicine in an epic duality powerplay of seductive passive aggressiveness. And when their own Energy waves bring in new Love/Opportunities/Wealth for real, the impulse here is to believe that there must be something wrong/what's the catch /it will just fail like everything else and then throw up walls to block out the new waves of change that you had called forth! Now the Energy waves are riding you and you’ve unfortunately gone further into the matrix. Returning energy stealers and feeders will come up and need to be dealt with. This is where people get combustible and have a fit of rage. Being aware and communicating what you need is non-negotiable. If you choose to keep feeders in your life, know where and how to apply boundaries so you do not block out the new for You as you deal with the old baggage/entanglement/dramas. As a note, don’t take advice on what to do with the New in your Life from energy stealers and feeders. You are their main INVESTMENT. Why would they give you the correct advice and let you go? Trust yourself and recognize what is yours.

So the wisdom here is that Consciousness is the creator of the greater. Metaphysics, of which Astrology/Numerology/Gematria belong under, is about shining a light on what is in the unknown of these energy communications. The choice here is to consciously be aware of your own Jujuu and move abundantly with the shifts coming into your experience. So shine on!